Tamako Love Story Full Movie (Hindi Dub ) 480p/360p


Type: Movie
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Date aired: Apr 26, 2014
Status: Completed
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
language : Hindi Dubbed
quality : 480p,360p
size : 200-300MB,300-400MB


Summary : 

With Dera, Choi, Prince Metcha, and the southern island delegation returning home at last, the Usagiyama Shopping Arcade is back to its old, peaceful, mundane self. Entering the last year of high school, Tamako presses on as she always has--without a care in the world or a thought in her head--but Mochizo is a different story. Not only has his crush on Tamako intensified in recent years, but, now more than ever, the time must come for him to confess his love to her. After all, he plans to go to Tokyo for university to consummate his desire to be a filmmaker, and the time he has left to tell Tamako his true feelings is quickly running out. Will Mochizo be able to man up and profess what lies within his heart? What would the consequences even be, if he did? Spring has arrived in the shopping arcade, and with it, the pangs and turmoil of young love in bloom.

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